Q: Are you offering in-person training sessions?

A: Yes. Some of our trainers are available for in-person training (with precautions). We respect the individual risk tolerance of each trainer and are allowing each to return to training in-person whenever they feel comfortable doing so. Learn more about In-Person Personal Training.


Q: Are you offering remote personal training?

A: We offer a couple different service options for remote training. Learn more about Remote Personal Training.


Q: What precautions are you taking to minimize exposure?

A: Here is a guide to the precautions we are taking:


-If we or you are experiencing any symptoms of illness the in-person session will be cancelled. If symptoms are mild enough, we can do a remote training session or send you a workout to do on your own.



-We will wear a mask at all times and ask that you please do the same.


Hand Sanitizer

-We will use hand sanitizer at the beginning of each session.



-We will keep 6ft distance throughout our sessions.


-Training sessions will be located outdoors or in an open garage.



-If you have equipment then we will write workouts using it.

-Our dumbbells will be available for you to use if you are comfortable using them.

-We will use a cleaning solution to wipe the dumbbells down before and after each session.

-We can also write workouts without our equipment.

-We will not be providing mats at this time.


Q: Can I begin training remotely and transition to in-person at a later date?

A: Yes!


Q: Can I continue with remote personal training even if I originally signed up for in-person training?

A: Yes!