Outdoor Bootcamp is a group class that focuses on high intensity cardiovascular exercise mixed with functional bodyweight exercises. This is the perfect class for you if you enjoy unconventional outdoor training or are just looking for a fun group to get fit with.


Arguello Park

260 Wellington Dr, San Carlos, CA 94070


Saturdays at 9:15am

5 1-Hour Classes- $150 ($30/class)

10 1-Hour Classes- $270 ($27/class)


Nancy W

Nick is awesome. I've been working out twice a week with Nick for six months, after not doing any consistent exercise since high school.  My initial goal was to drop some weight and to firm up so I could look a little better at an important event in August. This mission is solidly accomplished--more important the strength and flexibility training I do with Nick has me feeling stronger, sleeping better and just feeling better in general. Where we started with 5 pound weights on some exercises, I now train with 25-35 pounds. Nick has increased the intensity of each exercise and introduced new ones on a schedule that keeps me at the right level of "sore" after every workout.

Added to our twice-weekly workouts in our home, Nick regularly emails an updated workout routine that I do on a third day by myself. When we traveled recently, he emailed me a workout description designed to be done with resistance bands in our hotel room.  All emails have a complete workout description with links to YouTube videos of Nick doing the exercise, clearly demonstrating the proper form.
Nick is cheerful, knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive and motivating.  I highly recommend him