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Connect with your friends, family, or corporate team with a group Zoom workout! We lead you through a 45-minute workout that requires no equipment and can be done at home. We give beginner, intermediate, and advanced progressions of each exercise so you can exercise at your appropriate intensity. Check out the video to see a clip from one of our workouts to get an idea of the instruction you will be getting.

One event with 15 or fewer participants- $150

One event with 16-30 participants- $180

One event with over 30 participants- $210

Clip from Home Circuit Workout
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"Nick is an incredible trainer and his style works especially well for teams spread across locations and with varying levels of fitness. It's certainly not easy to train virtually and Nick is great at showcasing each workout digitally so you can easily follow along. Plus, he's just a great person and makes virtual training fun! I highly recommend Palladino Personal Training to any group if you're looking to workout together from any location!"

-Allison Kopf, CEO, Artemis

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