by Nick Palladino

Personal Trainer/Online Fitness Coach



My purpose for creating this program is to provide a resistance training plan specifically for
runners to supplement their current training or to replace their running training temporarily. I
wrote the program with these goals in mind:

  • Workouts can be done entirely in one’s home

  • No equipment needed

  • Improve performance by exercising the muscles most used by runners

  • Decrease risk of injury by improving mobility and strength in muscles that are commonly imbalanced in runners

  • Improve or maintain cardiovascular capacity


The program is split into three, 6-week progression options: Maximum Power, Sustained Power, and Endurance. All three progressions have the same stretches and exercises, but they progress in different ways as you make your way through the 6 weeks. Pick the progression that best matches what you would like to improve most with your training.

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