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Learn How to Tilt Your Pelvis

The lower back is one of the most frequently injured parts of the body. There are lots of ways someone can hurt their back, but one of the most common ways is by not knowing how to tilt your pelvis.

Learning to tilt your pelvis is usually one of the first things I go over with my clients because it applies to so many exercises. Some exercises require a posterior pelvic tilt, some require an anterior pelvic tilt, and some require neutral positioning of your pelvis.

If you use the wrong pelvic tilt, or don’t think about how you should tilt your pelvis while doing an exercise, chances are... you’re putting strain on your lower back.

Rather than typing out what it means to tilt your pelvis and how to learn to do it, I’ll link you to a YouTube video I made. This is generally the process I take my clients through to learn how to tilt your pelvis.

If you don’t know what an anterior/posterior pelvic tilt is, what it means to tilt your pelvis, or how to learn to do it, I highly recommend you check out this video.

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