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7 Days to Healthy Strength Training

7 Days to Healthy Strength Training


My purpose for creating this educational program is to provide a resource for beginner-intermediate fitness enthusiasts who want to learn how to exercise without injury. I wrote the program with these goals in mind:

  • Workouts are short and can be done entirely in one’s home

  • No equipment needed

  • Teach what mobility is, why it’s important, and how to improve it

  • Teach what foundational movements are, why they’re important, and how to apply them to strength training and everyday life

  • Decrease risk of injury by improving mobility and strength in muscles that are commonly imbalanced.

This program can be used in two ways: 

1- It can be used as a starter program to lead into a more complete strength training program. 

2- It can be used to supplement your current strength training program.

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