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Doing The "Little Things"

When it comes to fitness, the most important thing to get right is consistency. A poorly designed training plan done consistently will outperform a perfectly designed training plan done inconsistently.

But sometimes life gets in the way and we miss workouts. That’s okay! We should take a moment to be honest with ourselves, though, and reflect on if the missed workouts are becoming a regular thing. If it is becoming a regular thing, it’s time to make a change… a change to either your lifestyle, or your goals.

When we create a training plan, we create it with the intent to reach a specific goal. If we don’t stick to the plan, our chances of achieving the goal go down.

Staying consistent with training is hard! It requires us to change our habits. We might need to go to bed earlier, improve our diet, or spend less time on leisure activities. This is the challenging thing about achieving goals. We have to decide if the lifestyle change is worth the goal.

If I asked you to picture a person who is super committed to their fitness goals, you might picture someone drenched in sweat and out of breath. That’s the image of someone who works hard in their workouts, which is great… but that’s the easy part.

The lifestyle change is the hard part. A more accurate image would be someone who wakes up at 5:00am for their workout without major fatigue because they started their bedtime routine at 8:30pm the night before and were asleep by 9:00pm.

It really does come down to, “How bad do you want it?”... Just channeled differently than most people think.

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